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Fallout New California Beta v2.0.3 (upd.14.11.2018) - GOG

Fallout New California Game Free Download Torrent
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Fallout New California — new part of the post-apocalyptic shooter with RPG elements. The player will be able to create his character, and leave the shelter 18 to begin exploring New California. Brand new story, scene and faction. The ending of Fallout: New California depends solely on the actions of the player — 13 types of termination of the main plot are available. In each dialogue, there are several possible answers. The game world is completely interactive and dangerous: the player can win the location of some factions, and cause the anger of others. The time of day and night is changing, shops operate on a schedule.

Reigns Game of Thrones Build 20181113 - ALI213

Reigns Game of Thrones Game Free Download Torrent
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Reigns Game of Thrones is a dynamic adventure game, which is a kind of spiritual heir to the world famous series called «Game of Thrones». Here you can take control of any of your favorite characters. So, for example, sit down at the throne and begin to rule the kingdom, taking control of all aspects of its activities. You can choose the kingdom, which you will manage, and accordingly what role you will also have to play. It is also possible to manage several states at once, successively switching between them, solving emerging issues and problems.

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Balrum v1.6 - SKIDROW

Balrum Game Free Download Torrent
Balrum is a pixel RPG in the spirit of old games, but with a random generation of the world. Huge opportunities and freedom of action make the fantasy world created by developers realistic. You are one of the few who managed to survive after the invasion of monsters. Hiding in the Dark Forests, you have gathered strength and are now ready to fight. To start, build yourself a house and take care of safety. Look for useful resources that will allow you to build not just a house, a real fortress to create your own troops.

Tyranny v1.2.1.0160 (Gold Edition) - GOG

Tyranny Game Free Download Torrent
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At one of the latest computer games — «GDC 2016», the company «Obsidian Entertainment» has become one of the most prominent participants. Her popularity was due to the announcement of a new computer project called «Tyranny». According to the information presented, this is a role-playing game in a fictional universe. The uniqueness of the computer novelty, according to preliminary statements of the creators, will manifest itself in a detailed virtual universe of its own production.

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Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire - Seeker, Slayer, Survivor v3.1.1.0023 - CODEX

Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire - Seeker, Slayer, Survivor Game Free Download Torrent
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Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire - Seeker, Slayer, Survivor — The second addition to the role-playing game Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire, focused on the battles unfolding on an unexplored island. The add-on will test the combat skills of your party members, as well as your commander’s skill. You have to wrest ancient relics from the tenacious hands of the strongest and cruelest fighters of Eor. In this DLC you can go to the island, where the characters are waiting for exciting battles with the most dangerous enemies of Eor. You are also expected to battle in the arena, where you will fight with powerful opponents. To win, you will have to be smart and show yourself.

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Resonance of Fate 4K HD Edition v1.0.0.2 - CODEX

Resonance of Fate 4K HD Edition Game Free Download Torrent
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Resonance of Fate 4K HD Edition — an RPG-style game where you get the opportunity to independently change the fate of the world. You will fly through the air and take part in fierce cannon battles. The planet is now destroyed, and the responsibility for its restoration lies on your shoulders in order to bring peace and quiet to the population. The game has a beautifully executed visual component that will send you to a realistic atmosphere and allow you to become part of a fabulous universe. There is also a fascinating plot line, the course of which will depend on you. The plot tells you that humanity is on the verge of extinction, and there is no way out of this situation.

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World of Final Fantasy Maxima - CODEX

World of Final Fantasy Maxima Game Free Download Torrent
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World of Final Fantasy Maxima will offer players new content, characters, mirages (monsters) and the mini-game «Fishing with Noctis.» Chiba-san also mentioned that players will learn a little more about the fate of the main characters after the main plot. Finally, in an interview, he admitted that the sequel to World of Final Fantasy has already been fully written, and if Sqare Enix gives the green light, its development can begin immediately. In the expanded edition, new characters will appear: Cecil from Final Fantasy IV, Zach from Final Fantasy VII and Sulfur from Final Fantasy XIII. In the videos, in addition to the wide level level, the milots also showed a new mini-game — fishing. Along the way, they lit up, again, mirages, characters and new bosses.

Dungeon League v1.0 (upd.04.11.2018) - DARKSiDERS

Dungeon League Game Free Download Torrent
Dungeon League is a multiplayer pixel action RPG in which you will go through randomly generated dungeons full of traps and dangerous creatures to distill with other participants. In the dungeons themselves, you will be able to collect gold, which can be spent on equipment and, thus, make your warrior much stronger. A gloomy game, the plot of which unfolds in the caves, where a company of four strong heroes travels. They will not only fight with monsters, but also confront the most unimportant problems — hunger, diseases and mental disorders.

Freeman Guerrilla Warfare v0.222 (upd.31.10.2018) - 3DM

Freeman Guerrilla Warfare Game Free Download Torrent
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Freeman Guerrilla Warfare is a combination of seemingly completely incompatible genres. Before you FPS (first-person shooter) and strategy with elements of RPG. Fight on the battlefield, buy an army, run cities and earn money to destroy enemy factions. The game offers a completely new experience in the genre of FPS, giving the player an action in the first person, complemented by the strategy of managing the army in real time. Playing as an ordinary soldier, you will become the commander-in-chief and try to capture the whole world.

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Tempest Jade Sea v1.2.6 - SiMPLEX

Tempest Game Free Download Torrent
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Tempest is an attempt to create a large-scale pirate simulator. At the beginning of the game you get a small ship and a group of inexperienced sailors. Your task — to plow the vast expanses of the ocean in search of different profits. The emphasis in the game Tempest is set on sea battles. You are expected not only by well-protected merchant ships, but also by other pirates and, most interestingly, you can meet the legendary monster — Kraken. That’s why the lion’s share of the loot is better spent on improving your ship. Hire experienced pirates, buy the best ships and install good weapons. Ordinary trade is not for you, because it is much more interesting to find a merchant ship in the open spaces of the ocean and get all of its profits. In the game «Tempest» you can completely change your ship, from appearance to weapons.

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