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HyperRogue v11.0 (upd.14.01.2019) - SKIDROW

HyperRogue Game Free Download Torrent
HyperRogue is an unusual game, all actions of which take place on the hyperbolic plane using Lobachevsky geometry. Playing as a hero, you will travel the unusual world trying to find valuable treasures. Your main goal is to find the realm of Yendor, finding which game will be completed. HyperRogue is one of the few games in which «unusual geometry» is used, which makes the game not only strange, but also interesting. In addition to various worlds, in the game you will find a bunch of monsters, from which you can not always escape.​

Odd Realm v0.7.0.1 (upd.12.01.2019) - SKIDROW

Odd Realm Game Free Download Torrent
Odd Realm is a pixel strategy like the popular Dwarf Fortress. Take over a group of settlers to build a prosperous settlement. It will not be easy, you will be confronted by gangsters, neighbors, climate and even the gods themselves. Skillfully lead your people, explore the world and even dangerous dungeons. After all, all the most valuable hidden deep underground.

RimWorld v1.0.2145 (upd.12.01.2019) - SiMPLEX

RimWorld Game Free Download Torrent
SiMPLEX Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
RimWorld — a game that tells you a story that happened in the vastness of the vast outer space. The fact is that your main character will be part of a small group of colonists who were wrecked on a completely unknown planet. Now you have a huge responsibility for your life and the salvation of your team. You must make every effort to create a prosperous civilization, gradually exterminating all enemy force. Manage the colonists, you will be using orders that they will execute. So, by following the work and controlling the process, you will be able to succeed in your hard work.

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After the Collapse v0.5.0 - ALI213

After the Collapse Game Free Download Torrent
ALI213 Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
After the Collapse is a 2D city-planning simulator with a top view, the action of which takes place in a post-apocalyptic world in an urban setting. Your task is to manage a group of survivors, protecting them from attacks by marauders and mutants, as well as from other threats. To do this, it is necessary to build a base, constantly expand it, explore new technologies and extract resources. Thanks to the urban environment, After The Collapse focuses on finding useful resources, researching technologies and restoring damaged buildings. You need to send your people for reconnaissance to explore the empty world and find other groups of survivors with whom you can trade, thus developing your small colony.

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Deca v0.1 (upd.11.01.2019) - HOODLUM

Deca Game Free Download Torrent
Deca is an indie-horror action which takes place in the psychiatric hospital Deka in 1960. The heroine wakes up completely disoriented, bloody, on a stretcher, unable to remember what she is doing there. Everything is too dark, but between the flashing lights, she sees numerous corpses lying on the floor, dirty objects and, most importantly, she hears sounds that make her think that she is probably not alone there. Explore the hospital looking for information that will help you get out of this horror with monsters.

The Long Dark v1.45 - PLAZA

The Long Dark Game Free Download Torrent
PLAZA Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
The Long Dark is a new simulator of survival in severe winter conditions. You play as pilot Willy McKenzie, who is crashed because of a strange geomagnetic storm in the endless forests of Northern Canada. Now your main task is to survive as long as possible, and to do this, explore the surrounding area, find and use various items for survival, hide from the cold and night predators, create a shelter and try to find at least a little food. The world that is familiar to you no longer exists, a strange magnetic storm destroyed all electronics and now humanity is struggling for survival. In the game you often have to make moral decisions, because being kind is dangerous for life, and meeting with the other survivors is deadly. What are you going to do? Are you ready to fight for your life? Can you last at least a day in harsh conditions? Do not know? Then you can try it in The Long Dark.

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The StoryTale v0.40 - SKIDROW

The StoryTale Game Free Download Torrent
The StoryTale is a charming, dynamic, but at the same time quite complex game, which was performed in the genre of platformer. Here you are invited to take under the full control and management of two main characters at once, each of which has its own advantages and skills. You will become a member of a funny adventure, which falls into a prince and princess. The lives of these cute creatures are in your hands, so be ready at any moment to protect them from threats and dangers. Our heroes will have skills and spells that will help them overcome all the trials that will constantly appear on the way to the goal.

The Eternal Castle [REMASTERED] v10.01.2019 - SKIDROW

The Eternal Castle [REMASTERED] Game Free Download Torrent
The Eternal Castle [REMASTERED] — adventure action «nineties», transformed and published in a new edition. The developers tried to do everything possible in order to refresh the memory of the players all those memories that they have associated with this game, and it is worth noting that they succeeded. The updated design of the game, the normal modern resolution, a huge number of gameplay innovations and the same adrenaline atmosphere for which the game was loved by fans of the classics in its time — all this will allow you to feel the atmosphere of the game and return to the past.

Kerbal Space Program v1.6.1.2401 + To Vee or not To Vee - PLAZA

Kerbal Space Program Game Free Download Torrent
PLAZA Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Perhaps today the interest of gamers to the topic of space is greater than ever. And many would like something unconventional. You are welcome! The company Squad has created the Kerbal Space Program. As the last word says, this is not just a game. We fall into the system of Kerbal. On it there are seven planets with their companions. Only Kirbin is habitable. As expected, the locals are green, yet they differ in cylindrical heads. And cook these heads as necessary! Humanoids built their own cosmodrome. Here you can conduct all sorts of experiments to create rockets, shuttles and absolutely amazing ships.

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Battle Royale Tycoon v0.07 (upd.09.01.2019) - ALI213

Battle Royale Tycoon Game Free Download Torrent
ALI213 Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Battle Royale Tycoon — the genre of the royal battle in recent times seems to be a mandatory program for developers. And few people stop that there is no shortage of games with the last survivor. And the success of Fortnite Battle Royale additionally stimulates to throw all forces on their own «Hunger Games» if Epic Games turned out to be overthrown from the throne of PUBG, then someone should have the same in relation to Fortnite. Independent studio Endless Loop has prepared a strategic royal battle simulator Battle Royale Tycoon. In the game, you can infinitely long construct your own arenas for confrontation, set modes for them and make settings, add weapons and shelters.

This game has been updated 9-01-2019, 17:02 to the latest version v0.07 (upd.09.01.2019).