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The 9th Gate v1.1.3 - PLAZA

The 9th Gate Game Free Download Torrent
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The 9th Gate — when a young girl suddenly disappears, and the local authorities cannot find her, a supernatural environment familiar with such cases of abduction to save the day. Play the role of Kim, a spiritual whisper who must risk in the dirty niches of an abandoned mountain forest apartment where tragedy had once struck. There, she must use all her skills and tools at her disposal to break through the spiritual dimension in search of the missing girl. Rumor has it that the apartment pursues, and the dark deeds are accomplished in a long history. Her breach of the site will certainly awaken the restless spirits who were once offended, as well as the sinister creatures that hold this complex.

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Slime Rancher Galactic Bundle v1.3.2 (Galactic Bundle) - PLAZA

Slime Rancher Galactic Bundle Game Free Download Torrent
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Slime Rancher Galactic Bundle is an arcade video game for the PC, the actions of the game will start in the distant future when corporations of our planet discover a new source for making money. This source is located on a distant planet, the main inhabitants of which are small incomprehensible creatures called Slugs. They are completely different shapes and sizes and have a cheerful character and an excellent appetite. When slugs are fed and in good spirits, they begin to produce the substance «fruits», which are small pieces of mucus, which is a valuable resource that allows you to produce a wide variety of goods, ranging from all sorts of alloys, and even ending with food. It is for this resource that the Earth corporations are chasing, intending to open a slime extraction factory on a distant planet, because Slugs can breed only on their own planet, basking in the sun and breathing the purest air.

BattleTech Flashpoint v1.3.1 - PLAZA

BattleTech Flashpoint Game Free Download Torrent
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BattleTech Flashpoint is the first addition to the BattleTech tactical strategy, which will add new story missions, three new furs and a tropical biome. New missions received a similar name — Flashpoints. These are procedurally generated tasks, combined into a general storyline by the consequences of decisions taken, crew conversations and special events. Some missions will receive the mechanics of successive landings, which will not allow players to repair furs between battles. Addition will also add a new type of mission called Target Acquisition. Players will need to establish control over the three zones on the map in order to successfully complete the mission.

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ARK Survival Evolved v287.123 - CODEX

ARK Survival Evolved Game Free Download Torrent
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From the category of online games on a computer in an open world, we can distinguish the game ARK: Survival Evolved. The official release of the full version is expected by the summer of 2016. Initially it was expected that this would be a PC — an exclusive, but the toy appeared on other platforms. ARK Survival is an RPG in the prehistoric world, where dinosaurs and other creatures are thirsting for your death. Translated into Russian language quality. As soon as you start the game — the player appears on the coast, and, as it turns out later.

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ARK Extinction v287.123 - CODEX

ARK Extinction Game Free Download Torrent
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Supplement ARK Extinction, where a devastated planet Earth, polluted by the element and filled with fantastic creatures both organic and technological, comes out today! Can you defeat the giant roaming titans who dominate the planet and complete the ARK cycle to save the future of the Earth? The world is very diverse and interesting, it is inhabited both by dinosaurs and other players. For quite a long period, developers have released add-ons that significantly diversified the gameplay. Among the features of the game we also note beautiful graphics, as well as a dynamically changing world. For example, over time, a man will appear a beard that can be shaved.

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Kaori After Story - DARKSiDERS

Kaori After Story Game Free Download Torrent
Kaori After Story — in game, after graduating from Kaori at ACE Academy, your friend has now invited you to spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve with your family. Your trip will take you to the countryside of Isokaze, where her parents and twin sisters are surprised to discover that Kaori brought the boy home! From meeting with parents, enjoying winter activities and spending intimate time with Kaori to learn more about her and her past, this will be a holiday to be remembered. Continue your storyline of relationships with Kaori from ACE Academy.

A Hat in Time upd.04.12.2018 - CODEX

A Hat in Time Game Free Download Torrent
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A Hat in Time is another cute and interesting project of independent developers, which is primarily designed for those players who primarily value the narrative story and visual style in games, because on the expanses of this entertainment, you will be able to acquire a wonderful sense of that , that in front of you is directly some kind of picture of Malevich. But for the main character, you will surely worry, because she is incredibly nice here and it seems as if every enemy you met on your way only wants to kill this pretty creature.

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The Council Episode 1-5 (upd.04.12.2018) - CODEX

The Council Game Free Download Torrent
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The Council is a new gaming project on the PC from the publisher Focus Home Interactive and the French developer of the studio Big Bad Wolf. The new game is an adventure quest, which should make a revolution in the genre of «episodic games.» Although, it is not yet known whether to make a project a revolution, but that’s exactly what it will give, it’s an opportunity to look at a number of historical characters in an interesting entourage. The game is scheduled to be released poetically. The first episode should be released in February 2018. In total, it is planned to release 5 episodes. Immediately after the release of the first episode, you can download the torrent The Council from our site absolutely free of charge and plunge into an amazing atmosphere.

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AWAY The Survival Series upd.20181203 - SKIDROW

AWAY The Survival Series Game Free Download Torrent
AWAY The Survival Series — an exciting game in the style of adventure and elements of survival, where you go into a dangerous atmosphere to fight for your own life. You are waiting for the most cruel conditions of survival, so you should immediately pay attention to the development of their skills. History will send you to a distant future, when, due to certain circumstances, all living things are threatened with extinction. Going to the ruins of locations you will try to save the world from destruction. Explore the territory carefully, tables to get useful resources, materials and food that will help you more effectively cope with everyday problems.

Great Old One Arrival - PLAZA

Great Old One Arrival Game Free Download Torrent
Great Old One Arrival — friends who helped us with the test, asked us at first glance at the game, is it a type of Diablo game? Yes, we are all Diablo, especially Diablo 2 fans, but when we develop Arrival, we are more focused on the meaning of the battle. We also love the rich RPG features of Diablo, which are presented in a simpler and more understandable way in the Arrivals section. Therefore, if you are a fan of a heavy RPG system, Arrival may not meet your expectations, it is our fault. If you like the real-time battle and monsoon, «Arrival» is worth a try.